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About Larray's Loaded Mac

Larri Merrit, better known by his online name, Larray, is the name and creative inspiration behind Larray’s Loaded Mac. Larray was a sophomore in high school when he saw his social media profile take off, quickly becoming an internet sensation. With Larray’s Loaded Mac, he worked with Virtual Dining Concepts to create the warm comfort food he has loved his whole life, but Larray amps up the classic Mac to create amazing flavor combos. Larray’s Loaded Mac operates out of existing restaurant kitchens, allowing restaurateurs to add a new source of revenue without impacting the operation. All of Larray’s favorites come straight to your door step.

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start a profitable virtual restaurant program in your kitchen

At VDC we bring you a turnkey solution for having a delivery only brand in your existing restaurant’s kitchen. We’ve optimized our brands to create the top-performing delivery-only restaurants in the industry. Our menus are easy to prepare and deliver exactly what online customers are looking for. Our concepts give you an all-in-one solution for training, marketing, purchasing, and fulfillment. Get the marketing power of a national chain on your side.

we provide you with an a-z solution on how to put a virtual restaurant within your kitchen

At VDC we provide you with a turnkey solution on how to put a virtual restaurant within your kitchen. Build multiple concepts out of one kitchen and create a more profitable delivery business. Start with zero up-front fees, cut your costs in half and improve your margins.