A delivery only restaurant.
A delivery only restaurant.

TikTok star Larray stirs up new mac and cheese ghost kitchen in Austin

Sandler, E. (2021, August 18). Tiktok Star Larray stirs up new Mac and cheese ghost kitchen in Austin. CultureMap Austin. Retrieved October 7, 2021, from https://austin.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/08-18-21-larray-tiktok-youtube-star-mac-and-cheese-ghost-kitchen-aus/.


Add social media starts to the list of celebrities getting into the ghost kitchen business. Larray, a musician and content creator with almost 40 millions followers across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, has launched a virtual restaurant devoted to mac and cheese.

Available now via third-party delivery apps in major Texas markets, including Austin, Larray’s Loaded Mac puts a creative spin on the familiar comfort food. The seven-item menu starts with the four-cheese blend Classique; other options include LBT (bacon, cherry tomatoes, arugula, and two kinds of cheddar) and the Feelin’ Risky (pulled pork, crispy onions, Fritos, barbecue sauce, cheddar). Prices range from $11-16. 

“Some of my fondest memories from growing up are making mac and cheese in the kitchen with my grandmother,” Larray said in a statement. “Her original recipe was always a family favorite and gave me the inspiration to create Larray’s Loaded Mac. I am so excited to share our favorite dish with fans and fellow mac and cheese lovers.”

Larray partnered with Virtual Dining Concepts to translate those family recipes and to launch the project in cities across the country. In addition to Austin, Larray’s Loaded Mac is available in Houston and Dallas, as well as Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more. Expect the company to add other content creators as partners in the future. 

“We are focused on working with digital-first talent by helping them create an ownable virtual dining brand,” says Robbie Earl, VDC co-founder. “By tapping into the creator economy, we’re not only playing a part in growing the influencers’ personal brands but also further helping the restaurant industry leverage the digitally native community. Having Larray join the virtual food space provides him with another way to engage his fans, this time with food deliveries in 30 minutes or less, and have them be a part of something that means so much to him.” 

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